Oak Tree, Tennessee

Taken in Fairview, TN near sunset in March 2013 (before the trees started to get leaves). I always thought this tree looks cool without leaves, not so much with leaves. I even think the Keep Out sign on it adds to the image. See More about Oak Tree, Tennessee

Winter blahs...cemetery

Last weekend, we went to a local cemetery. I had thought I was going to take some things in black and white. However, the crisp air from recent rain and sleet and the angle of the January sun gave an opportunity for some nice color photography.

Taken with Rolleiflex RF111a, Zeiss 75mm F3.5 lens and Kodak Ektar 100. On each photo, I used a 3 stop ND filter so I can keep the aperture open wide. See More about Winter blahs...cemetery

Coral Pink Sands State Park, October 2012, a bust

I was hoping for more photos from here. But the morning we came it rained a couple days prior and the sand was wet. This means that all the footprints and ATV tracks are left in the sand. So we didn't have much clean sand to work with.

I did get this shot facing the observation stand and I sorta like it. You would think it was the beach and the waves are crashing behind me. But they aren't, this is a desert. See More about Coral Pink Sands State Park, October 2012, a bust

Rock Formation at Waterholes near Page, AZ

Here is a photo of a rock formation at the Waterholes near Page, AZ that my friend Mark found during our last photo trip. It is just off the road and easy to get to. Unfortunately it is also a victim of people carving graffiti into it (there is some on the left side that is mostly off camera in this shot). Taken October 2012 with Pentax 6x7 SMC 45mm F4, polarizer and E100VS film. See More about Rock Formation at Waterholes near Page, AZ

Horseshoe Bend October 2012

I got an okay shot of horseshoe while out on our photo trip with Mark Vann this October. We were here in 2008. That time I left my wide angle lens back in the car. That day it was 108 degrees and I had no plans of going all the way back and getting it. This day was much more pleasant. And given it was sunset, it was much prettier as well. This is taken on a Pentax 6x7 using the SMC 45mm F4 lens (equal to about 24mm on 135 full frame). I haven't gone through and clean this completely. It has some glare, but otherwise not too bad. See More about Horseshoe Bend October 2012

Toadstools of Grand Staircase-Escalante NM October 2012

During my photo trip out west with my good friend Mark Vann, we stopped by the Toadstools on US89 near Page AZ. It's a pretty neat place. Access is via a fairly easy trail into the canyon with lots of rock formations of what looks like a rock on top of a stem (like a Toadstool). Here are some photos of the main one (which is the 1st one you will meet on the trail). I think I might have other photos but I haven't developed all my film yet. If I have more I'll add them See More about Toadstools of Grand Staircase-Escalante NM October 2012


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